Darren Criss - Status Quo chords

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Status Quo/Starship Ranger (Reprise) from Starship:

Capo 7

Intro: Em F7/C (033210) Gadd6/D (055430)

It starts with not questioning the answers
And giving up before you've begun
It locks all the doors increases the pressure
And in a flash your time is up before it's done
And you won't know how it can feel
To feel at all

______Am F C______G Dm Am 
So I say no to status quo
Who wants to be like the rest
And deny the best that I'm meant for
____Am F C_________G E7 Am
I will show the status quo
Who wants to be normal
I'll never conform
____G________________________Em F7/C Gadd6/D
I will be content to resent the status quo

I'll kick down the walls around me
They don't know how strong I am
I'm not defined by boundaries
They will never understand
I'm so much more

Eb Dm______F Cm Gm
Than status quo
Who cares about being another pipe dreamer
F________________Gsus4 G
Stuck on the bottom floor

_____Am F C
And I know
_________G E7 Am
It's time to go
So maybe I've gotten everything that I wanted
But I think that I might have made it so
When I said no, no, no
_________Am F C_____G E7 Am__F C Gsus4 G Asus4 A
To status quo

Cause I am a starship ranger
I'm gonna do everything I can
To always be a starship ranger
_________G D Em
Cause it's everything
___Bb C Bb C Bb C Bb C D (slide up one fret for 3 measures) D (000235)
It's everything I am
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