Darren Criss - To Have A Home chords

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Chords used in this song:
C, C7
Db, Dbm
E, E7
F, Fm
Gb Gbm
G, Gsus4
Ab, Absus4
A, Am7
Bb, Bbm
B, B57

Db Gbm Db Gbm

(Verse 1)
 Db         Gbm              Db
ďHomeĒ Iíve heard the word before
       Gb    Ab         Bbm
But it never meant much more
               Gb              Absus4 Ab
Than just a thing Iíve never had
Db          Gbm                 Db
Place, they say, ďHey know your placeĒ
         Gb    Ab    B57           Bbm
But Iíve never had a place to even know
     A                             E     Eb        Absus4 Ab
Or a face that I could go to if I needed someone there

Db Gbm Db Gbm

(Verse 2)
    Db             Gbm            Db
Iím laughing, itís hard to hide a smile
    Gb     Ab      Bbm                 Gb           Absus4 Ab
My god itís been a while since I have had a reason to
   Db          Gbm            Db
To think, itís been here all along
Gb        Ab   B57
Somewhere to belong
      Bbm       A
And a reason, a something to believe in
E            E7
Iíve finally found it
  Dbm             Am
A place where Iím wanted
          E             B A          E
This must be how it feels to have a home

I used to dream about it
D                                   E
But never schemed or counted on the fantasies or wishes
It breaks a man to see what he misses
Am7                           D
So many nights Iíd pray for a better life, a better day
But I never thought that itíd come true
         B7                                    E E7 Dbm
And itís finally here and I don't know what to do
          Am          E  E7 A Am
And Iím trying not to cry
          E            B A           E
This must be how it feels to have a home

C Fm C Fm Am G F C Fm C Fm Bb Am Ab Eb Gsus4 G F

(Verse 3)
C            C7            Am             Fm
Iíve finally made it, Iíve hoped and Iíve waited
            C                G            F       E Am
And for the first time in my life I donít feel so alone
   C                  G    C               G
My heart starts to heal to know that itís real
        F              G    F    G C Fm C Fm C
This is how it must feel to have a home


Music & Lyrics © Darren Criss & Starkid
Chords by Kisa S. (W.a.y.)
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