Darren Hanlon - Ostracism Of Vinny Lalor tab

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Song: The Ostracism of Vinny Lalor
Artist: Darren Hanlon
Album: Fingertips and Mountaintops (2006)

Capo 4th fret

Intro: G D C G Em Em G    (work out the strum pattern)

G        D            C               G
All around the room in a whirl
               Em                                             G
You saw dancers catch fire when you were still a girl
      G                   D                    C                   G
In a town that's built on the whispers of tattlers
                  Em                                                        G
But yet to inspire a single dot in the Commonwealth atlas

C                 C

G              D                      C                   G
God only knows how these things ever start
 Em                                              G
An empty plate in the place of a heart
          G            D             C               G
That finds it's way on a trail of crumbs
     Em                                                     G
And stains windowpanes on the prints of thumbs

      G            D
So go take rest
                    C                                              G
Pull the blankets up tightly with your knees to your chest
Em                  D
A far off sound
                            C                                                          G
But to such delicate ears it must seem like there's a zoo burning down

G D C G Em Em G (over trumpet)    x2

A nagging ache there must be some place better
Searched through every library book down to the last letter
Even Thornfield Manor sounds enticing
With echoes down the hall and on the walls the heads of bison


(This sounds cool with the glockenspiel but im not sure its %100 correct)

So go take rest
Pull the blankets up tightly with your knees to your chest
A schoolyard song
And no one can blame you for getting it so horribly wrong

The old saddlers breath that always smells of leather
The cafe sign letters been faded forever
Irrelevant facts from the history tester
Snowed under the chalk dust of last semester

Can't you see
What it's done to your mother, what it's done to me?
All their words
Will shatter into pieces when I lock you in my arms again

(another trumpet solo then riff until end)

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lyrics from http://homes.jcu.edu.au/~ccscb/darrenhanlonlyrics/lyrics/ostracism-of-vinny-lalor.html
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