Daryle Singletary - Amen Kind Of Love chords

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Album: All Because Of You
Written by: Trey Bruce & Wayne Tester

Amen Kind of Love          Daryle Singletary

E                 A             E
Don't guess I've ever loved another
E            A            E              B
Never once before did I really see the light
                E                  A      E
for they were barely friends and merely lovers
           E                 A          E                B
And it's taken what you've given me to feel like I do tonight

            E             B                 E        B
I (we) am moved by the spirit I'm (we're) here to tensify
                E  A            B
I (We) found an A-men kind of love
                         E                  A
The kind that makes you fall down on your knees
and reach for the sky above
      E              A        E         A
The kind that your soul can never get enough
                   E  B   A    E    E  B            E
I (we've) found an A-men, A-A-Amen, A-men kind of love
E              A                E
You've given love a brand new meaning
E            A                E                B
Bound by a higher power then I've ever known before
               E                 A   E
Safe in your faithful arms I am leaning
E           A              E             B
Once I was lost but I am found for ever more  and

go to chorus, lead, chorus, instrumental to end. 
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