Dashboard Confessional - Clean Breaks tab

Song: Clean Breaks
Album: Shade of Poison Trees
Band: Dashboard Confessional

Tuning: Half step down, tune g-string another step down  (Eb,Ab,Db,E,Bb,Eb)

I know the tuning looks funny, but after listening to the way the strings ring out, this
is the only way I can figure he plays it.  Try it out, it has a very cool sound.  The
song is all in 5/4 except for the bridge which is standard 4/4.  Also, on the bridge it
is really hard to hear what he is playing, so I just gave it my best shot.

Main Riff


   Em      G    Am      G

He uses those chords but doesn't stay completely in that order.  It sounds like he goes
Em,G,Am,G,Am,G  and then repeats.

Well, those are really the only two chord progressions in the song.  Let me know
what you guys think.
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