Dave Barnes - On A Night Like This chords

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     C     D/F#  G
On a night like this,
        Em   D/F#  G
I could fall  in  love.
        C         D         G
I could fall, in love, with you.
         C   D/F#   G
In this dark  so   dense,
    Em   D/F#   G
we talk  so    soft.
    C          D       G
The way, young lovers, do.

    Em                        Bm
The days last sight, turns to cool nights breeze.
          G                          Em
And this love hangs thick like these willow leaves.
     C           G
I've hid myself away from this. 
     C                 D
Your sillohete is the judas kiss.

Verse 2:
On a night like this the moon stood still
and the stars are watching too.
and the way you move, is a lullaby
I could fall in love with you.

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