Dave Clark Five - You Got What It Takes tab

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You Got What it Takes:
The Dave Clark Five.


Whoa! You don't drive a big fast car, no,

you don't look like a movie star,

and on your money we won't get far,

    Dm7     G7              C
but ba..by, you got what it takes...


   C            F                        D  
to satisfy, you got what it takes to set my soul on fire,

     C                 Am
but, whoa, whoa, whoa, oh yeah,

    F           G7        C
you got what it takes for me.


Whoa! you don't live in a beautiful place,

and you don't dress in the best of taste.

and nature didn't give you such a beautiful face,

    Dm7     G7              C
but ba..by, you got what it takes. 


Now, when you're near me, oo..ee,

my head goes 'round and 'round.

And when you kiss me, little girl,

   D                   G7
my love comes tumblin' down..you send me. 


Repeat Verse #2. ADD: Chorus.

Repeat verse #3.

Repeat verse #2, 
and ADD:

C     A           D         G           C
Yeah, yeah..yeah, yeah..you got what it takes,

C         A                D   G       C
Baby, I'm tellin' you..you got what it takes.

a sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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