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Dave Clark Five - Do You Love Me tab

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Do You Love Me:The Dave Clark Five
E                           A      B 
Well, do you love me? I can really move! 
             E            A      B 
well, do you love me? I'm in the groove! 
           E        A      B 
Ah, do you love me? Do you love me, 
A        Am    B      B7
now that I can dan....ce ? 
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Watch me now, whoa! 
E                  A           B 
Work, work, I said work it out baby! 
E                      A          B 
Work, work, ah, you're drivin' me crazy! 
E                       A             B       B7 
Work it out, ah, with a little bit of soul now. 
           E             A      B 
Mmm, I can do the blues, do the blues, 
          E             A      B 
and I can do the twist, do the twist, 
           E             A       B 
I said now tell me baby, tell me baby, 
            E                  A            B 
Mmm, do you like it like this, like it like this?
B          B7           B7 
Whoa, tell me, tell me, tell me.       
Watch me now, uh! 
REPEAT#1 & #2.
A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.  

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