Dave Days - Fred Drives Me Crazy chords

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Fred Drives Me Crazy
standard tuning: E-A-D-G-B-e

Tabbed by SUM - 182

 G                       G                        C
Fred. He's a 6 year old brat. He's got a voice to match

Not anyone can do that.

 G                                Em                             C
Fred. Da-da-da-don't you love the internet. Just as much as your fans

Love the kindergarten

(pick slide)


    G          D          Em         C              D
Oh,Fred you're driving me crazy just like a million other kids

G           D     Em
Brainwashed and unhappy

    A                   C      D  G          
But that's okay because you're so cool


 Vers 2
      G                           Em
Friday night. I was chillin at the mall

At my favorite gothic shop

That's when my heart stopped


Oh mother hackin Fred

             C                              D                              
Am I going insane or am I the only one whos sane?


 G          D          Em
Fred you're driving me crazy
     C                 D
Just like a ba-jillion other kids

 G          D     Em
Brainwashed and unhappy

 C                            C                       D
Is this supposed to be funny? Do you find this funny? Am I supposed to find this funny?

 D              G
This isn't funny    (gun fire)


 G                      G
Fred. He's a 6 year old brat

                    C                             D
And he wont stop at that. Until he takes over the world
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