Dave Hause - Melanin chords

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                         Melanin - Dave Hause
Tabbed by: Liese13
email: annika.westermann@gmx.de
This is an awesome song which is great fun to play. 
Saw Dave performing this song at the Revival Tour which was great
but figured out these chords on my own.
I'll give you the chords and I tried to figured out the intro
but for the solo you will have to care for yourselves if you want to do it
or I'll just add it lateron...

Tuning: standard
Chords used: A F#m D E

I e ----0--0--0-----0-0-0-----0--
  B -----------3-2-3------3-2----

IIe ----0--0--0-----0-0-0
  B -----------3-2-3------3-2--2--3--5--3--2

Spring is rolling in I smell the sunlight on your skin
Want to get on outside let our hair back into the wind?
I've been tired of hanging 'round, tired of all the news of decay
Getting tired of this town, and running out of reasons to stay

        D       E          F#m
Just promise you'll stay mine
        D          E             A
Just promise It'll all work out fine

[Repeat intro II]
The air is so cold this time of year, it's cold like a killer's sin
And the lonely old forced hot air dries out your skin
And it gets me so down when the loneliness spreads to your eyes
Don't tell me it's fine, I know it's a lie

Repeat pre-chorus
Intro II again

        A              F#m
If we turn it up, the radio can sing us home
       D                                                  E
The snow is melting faster now that sun's making me feel stoned
A               F#m
Turn it up, c'mon baby sing along
      D                  E                       A
Let's loose these winter blues an we'll stumble home



       D         E        F#m
Just promise you'll stay mine
       D         E
Oh, promise it'll all work out...

Chorus x 2

              D                 E                      A
We're gonna loose these winter blues and we'll stumble home

End with Intro I and II

That's it, I hope you like it. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me via email :-)

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