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Dave Matthews Band - Time Of The Season tab

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Time of the Season - Dave Matthews Band

Tabbed from The Complete Weekend on the Rocks

Listen to the song for when to play

When the band plays, Dave doesnt play.  It is Boyd playing a mandalin.

Intro- mess around with this as song starts out

e ----12-----------|
B ----12-----------|
G -----------------|
D -----------------|
A -----------------|
E -----------------|

Verse- played after each part Dave sings

I divided it up into 2 parts.  You will understand what I mean after you   listen to the song.

Part I
e -------12------------------|
B -------------10----12------|
G ---------------------------|
D ---------------------------|
A ---------------------------|
E ---------------------------|

Part II
e -----------------------------------------|
B ------10--10-----------------------------|
G --------------12--11--9------------------|
D -------------------------12--10----9-----|
A -----------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------|


e ---------12--12-------------|
B ---------10--10-------------|
G ----------------------------|
D ----------------------------|
A ----------------------------|
E ----------------------------|
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