Dave Matthews Band - Dreams Of Our Fathers tab

Dave Matthews Band - 'Dreams of Our Fathers'
From the Album 'Everyday'
tuning - B E A D F# B  Baritone Guitar (7-string could be used)
tabbed by jjhand

Use a good reverb for this song since the guitar sound is so deep. If you 
don't have a Baritone, most of it can be played on a normal guitar & some chords 
can be played in a higher position to be similar. Its a great song, 
so please rate or comment so I can do the best job on it.

Intro (this line is Main Riff) - played 4x
     F#m    E2          A     G
b |-------------------|------------------|
D |------4-----4------|-7-----5-------0--|
A |----0-----2--------|---4-----2--------|
E |--2-----0-------/5-|-----5-----3~-----|
B |-------------------|------------------|

Verse - play the Main Riff 3x, then play this ending:

b |-------------------|-----------------|
D |------4-----4------|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-|
A |----0-----2--------|-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-|
E |--2-----0----------|-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-|
B |-------------------|-----------------|
                      mute < louder <

"Oh, Iím choking, Iím choking
On the smoke from this burning house
I claw and I scrape
But I canít seem to get out
But who then, who is this
Thatís scratching from the ground
Oh, itís my world, too
But whose gold is this Iím digging out?"

"When we go, where we go
When weíre dead, is the verdict still out?
Do we get into line
To line up with those long dead now?
With the muffled tears of sorrow
Bones underground
Is this time our time? Yes, it is
Without or with this shadow of doubt"

Chorus - play 4x
  A7                G2                B                 F#6
1. "I donít want to wake up            Lost in the Dreams of our Fathers"
2. "Oh, itís such a waste child, to live and die for the Dreams of our Fathers"
3. "Though I must confess, yes...     My view is a wonder about this"
4. "This love I possess, love...     Must be the Dreams of our Fathers"

Verse 2 - Play Verse Riff again

"I wanna go, I wanna run
We turn, so sure someoneís looking down
Itís haunting me, haunting me
Leaves us here to get out
Though I donít believe, I donít believe
This flavor in my mouth
Is from my tongue alone
So bitter I wanna spit it out"

"I repeat these words, they come out
Under the blue light in the sky
My empty pages are filling up
With these wicked lies
But I hear deep in myself
An echo, an echo Of empty, 
empty emptiness
Comes up and swells inside"

Play Chorus Again

Bridge (2:05) - play 4x, let ring 


1,2.                   "Rain on my head"
3.        "Rain                 on me               and then give me air"
4.   "Rain on my love, again and again why canít I dream you away from me?"

Verse 3- Same as before (play Main Riff 3x, then Verse Ending)

"Look here, look here bloated, 
floating... go belly down
Belly up in the water
But who is this here thatís drowned?
We followed a drunken man
He got us all spinning round
But itís like he swallowed himself
And didnít leave us a way out"

Final Chorus (2:50) - Play Chorus Riff again and continue repeat as Dave 
varies the lyrics and music fades out.

Key -

x  - muted note
() - ghost note, ringing note
/  - slide
~  - vibrato
<  - crescendo, get louder
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