Dave Matthews Band - So Right tab

Dave Matthews Band - "So Right"
From the Album "Everyday" (2001)
Tuning - Baritone Guitar (B E A D F# B)
Tabbed by jjhand, with help from Leandro Koren's tab

Intro - Played 2x 

      B/A  Bm                  1st ending          2nd ending
b |--7----7--7--7--7--7-----|-----------|       |-----------------|
F#|--7h8--8--7--8--7--8-----|-----------|       |-----------------|
D |--7h9--9--7--9--7--9-----|-----------|       |--------11-11~~--|
A |-------------------------|-----------|       |-----------------|
E |-------------------7-7-7-|7--rest----|       |-7---------------|
B |-------------------0-0-0-|0----------|       |-0---------------|

Verse Riff (how Dave plays it live):

b |--7----7--7--7--7--7-----|------------------------|
D |--7h9--9--7--9--7--9-----|------------------------|
A |-------------------------|------7h9-11--11--11/12-|
E |-------------------7-7-7-|-7----------------------|
B |-------------------0-0-0-|-0----------------------|

"Roll out down to midnight
Then roll on downtown 'til it's light
Because tomorrow we may die
Oh, but tonight we're dancing in the faint light
Don't you rob yourself of what you're feeling
Don't rob yourself of all that you could be
Roll hard 'til midnight
Roll 'til it's light, come on now"

Chorus - strum in sixteenths (16x per bar) 
There is a eighth note part during chorus, but it is Boyd's violin

   D5                         G5              
b |------------|------------|-----------|-------------|
D |-12---------|-12---------|-----------|-------------|
A |-12---------|-12---------|-10--------|-10----------|
E |-10---------|-10---------|-10--------|-10----------|
B |------------|------------|-8---------|-8-----------|
   "Stay up and make some memories      yeah, with us"

    B5                        F#5         G5     A5
b |------------|------------|-----------|------------|
D |-9----------|-9----------|-----------|------------|
A |-9----------|-9----------|-9---------|-10-----12--|
E |-7----------|-7----------|-9---------|-10-----12--|
B |------------|------------|-7---------|-8------10--|
"Now Roll the red carpet out with friends to whom to love & roll on"

Repeat Chorus with lyrics:
"Our love is so right
I won't waste a minute here tonight
Our love is so right
And tonight my dance is all about you"

Verse (repeat verse riff):

"To midnight love you,
Roll on and run the red lights
You know the game now is keep it tight
Oh, how I love your pretty rock-roll kisses
Come on and stay with me
Roll on and run the red lights
Come on, this love is so right"

Play Chorus Again

Bridge (2 guitars): played 2x

    Em            F#           A
b |-5-----------|-7----------|-----------|-14------------|
F#|-5-----------|-7----------|-7---------|-15--play 16x--|
D |-5-----------|-8----------|-7---------|---------------|
A |-7-----------|-9----------|-7---------|---------------|
E |-7-----------|-9----------|-5---------|---------------|
B |-5-----------|-7----------|-----------|---------------|
   "I'm   going   crazy      And it's all 'cause of you"
   "I'm going under,          over you, over you..."

Sax Solo- Play Verse Riff

Play Verse riff 4x more until silence

"This time is so alive
 Everybody's tranced, dancing tonight
 Oh so beautiful, and so strange
 Oh, it was empty until you came..."

Final Chorus (same as before):

"Our love is so right
Forget the clouds that rain on your light
Our love is so right
I'll not forget how you look right now
Our love is so right
Remember let's just move together
Our love is so right
I swear it would last forever
Our love is so right
Forget the clouds that rain down on you
Our love is so right..."

h - hammer-on
~ - vibrato
/ - slide
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