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Dave Mcpherson - Wicked Man tab

Wicked Man
Dave Mcpherson

From the ep B.S.W.U.E
mostly just listed the chords, just play them in that order, think this is nealy perfect
Any questions just comment
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Chords Used..

A   G   F#m   D   Dsus2   F#m  Em   Dm


A      G                   F#m               D Dsus2
   I cannot cope unless I'm guided by hope
A          G                      F#m               D Dsus2
   And this girl, you see, she's a mystery to me
A       G                               F#m                    D (Dsus2)
   I wish that I could show you all the things that I've done


I'm hiding all my regrets away from you
I'm never confiding but finding a way to drink my way through
Silly Brentwood boy



All barre chords, 5th string root

F#m               Em      Dm
      There's no wick in the candle
I can't handle this fight on my own
F#m                      Em      Dm
      Cobbled street, I can't find my feet in this burning heat


The last chord listed is played at the end of the chorus



The 2nd chorus is a bit different, it miss's out the B chord a few times, listen to the 
to see, Dave just jumps for the C# to the A.

Ill just list the chords here in order, gets a bit different.


End on the last E
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