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David Alan Coe - Little Brother Trucker tab

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David Allen Coe
little Brother Trucker

A E B7

E                                                 A
Little brother trucker is a mean motherfucker and He don't take no shit!
B7                                                E
Him and that kmart tire iron stand about ten foot six.
E                                     A
He kick alot of tire,kick alot on ass put a lot of miles on the road.
B7                                                            E
little brother trucker ain't never been whipped, so the story goes.

E                                A
late one night on seventy five he had to take a piss.
B7                                                         E
He rolled his rig in a pickle park and the story goes like this
E                                          A
Got down from the cab someone made a grab right between his knees.
B7                                                                             E
Tryed to rip the riches from the crotch of his britches Was a big old freeway queen

E                                A
little brother truck is mean and he don't take no shit!
B7                                                               E  
But the queen had a hold of the family gold and would't let go of it.
E                                              A
The big queen said i'm gonna give ya head' and you'd better not struggle or fight.
B7                                                                    E
Or i'll bend ya over and pull you up like rover' and will be here all night.

E                                         A
Little brother is a mean motherfucker and he don't take on shit!
B7                                                                    E
Grabbed the queen by the nut put a boot in guts and gave a great big rip.
E                                            A
The queen let go and brother kicked him low layed that bar in his head.
B7                                                      E
When i left the scene that freeway queen looked almost dead.

Chorus x2

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