David Alan Coe - Dont Cry Darlin chords

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E              G#m
Drunk. Totally Drained.
       E                    A
On the verge of going crazy, on the edge of insane
  Am                           E                   C#m
I know you prayed I'd make it, But I never pulled through
F#m                    B7
I gave up on going on just like I gave up on you

 {chorus]     A           E
But don't you cry darlin', though it's a cryin' shame
B7                                 E                  E7
I was hooked on the whiskey so bad I didn't know my name when I died
      A          E                        C#m
Don't cry Darlin', you know it's not your fault
E               A                       B7        E
I was stealing time from the devil and I just got caught

(spoken) E                   G#m
(you know hon, David left you so long ago.)
E                          A                
(He didn't want to darling, but his dying words told you so)
      Am                                      E  
(That strong stuff was always his weakness but any man can be a fool)
(I know that he was so ashamed and sorry) 
for all the bad things he did to you

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