David And Nicole Binion - Heaven On Earth chords

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    order of song: verse1,chorus,verse2,chorus,chorus,bridge1,bridge1,chorus,
                    Bridge2,bridge2, CHORUS.

              C#m                  B
         The spirit of the Lord is upon me
              G#m            E
         His anointing is empowering
              C#m                      B
         The kingdom of the Lord is within me
                 A-Am7             A-Am7
          He's calling me to the Heavenlies

                      E              B
              Be seated in heavenly places
              Just like Heaven, just like Heaven on Earth
                    E      B                   
               Whoa-oh-oh-oh Heaven; Heaven on Earth
                    E     B
               Whoa-oh-oh-oh Heaven

              VERSE 2:
                 C#m                         B
                 Marching in the spirit of unity
                          G#m        F
                 To our community, show His ability
                      C#m                        B
                 The will of the Lord for His children
                          A-Am7    A-Am7
                 is to demonstrate perpetuate

                                   E                    B
                     Something's moving! Something's changing
                     See His glory! Feels like Heaven on Earth!  (REPEAT)

                          E                   B                
                       Lightning and thunder! Miracles and wonders!
                       The sound of many waters! Heaven on Earth! (REPEAT)
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