David Ball - Thinkin Problem chords

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      C.              F
Yes I admit,I've got a thinkin' problem
She's always on my mind
Her memory goes round and round
I tried to quit a thousand times
Yes I admit I've got a thinkin' problem
                         C.              G7
Fill the glass up to the top,I'll start loving her
But I don't know where to stop
C.            F.                           C
I wake up and right away her name is on my lips 
                 F.                                        C
Once the memories start to flow,I can't stop with just one sip

(Solo) C,F,C,G7,C 
C.           F.                         C
I keep on remberin' how good it used to be
Getting' stoned all alone on my favorite memory

C.        G7.                                    C
I'll start lovin' her,but I don't know where to stop
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