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David Bazan - Harmless Sparks chords

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Harmless Sparks   by David Bazan

C               G              F                       C
They might have burned but the priests were all taking turns

        Em                    Am      Am/G       F             G     G7
showing nuns what they had discerned about their bodies in the dark

C            G           F                 C
They carried on from the evening until the dawn

           Em                   Am          Am/G     F
like they should have been all along making harmless sparks

  G                 G7           C
instead of breaking little boys' hearts      

    F                                         C
And God knows, if you noticed the millions of small holes

                              G                                 Am
And ponder the weight of an apple Compared to the trouble we're in

             F                                       C
Then a grown man might, be tempted to question his   birthright

                           G                                F
In front of his kids and devout wife Causing the doubt to begin, 

   G                    C
To spread like original sin

F  C  G  Am  Am/G     
F  C  G  C/E
F  C  G  Am  Am/G     
F  C  G  C...


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