David Bazan - When We Fell chords

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When We Fell – David Bazan

Intro: B  E  2x
          E                                         B
With the threat of hell hanging over my head like a halo
       F#                                      B
I was made to believe in a couple of beautiful truths
     E                                       B           G#m
That eventually had the effect of completely unravelling
    F#                       B        B7
The powerful curse put on me by you

E                      B                  B7
When you set the table When you chose the scale
F#                              B                    B7
Did you write a riddle That you knew they would fail
E                            B          D#m      G#m
Did you make them tremble So they would tell the tale
F#              E    D#m   B     B7
Did you push us when we    fell

Verse 2:
      E                                        B
If my mother cries when I tell her what I have discovered
       F#                                            B  
Then I hope she remembers she taught me to follow my heart
           E                                          B         G#m
And if you bully her like you’ve done me with fear of damnation
       F#                                B     B7
Then I hope she can see you for what you are

Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
E                   B                   B7
What am I afraid of Whom did I betray
F#                     B                             B7
In what medieval kingdom does justice work that way
E                            B          D#m      G#m
If you knew what would happen And you made us just the same
F#                   E    D#m B         B7
Then you my Lord can take the blame

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