David Berkeley - Fire Sign chords

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David Berkeley
Official Website www.davidberkeley.com
Song:Fire Sign
Great song tabbed from a live performance; Park Tavern, Atlanta(2009)

     E A D G B e
F    1 3 3 2 x x
Bb5  x 1 3 0 x x
D5   x 5 7 0 x x
C5   x 3 5 0 x x
D    x x 0 2 3 2
C    x 3 2 0 1 3
G    3 2 0 0 0 3
F*   1 3 3 2 1 1
Fmaj7x x 3 2 1 3


Main Riff:
  F         Bb5        D5          C5

E 1------------------------------------------|
A -3---------1-------1--5-------5--3-------3-|
D ---3---3-----3---3------7---7------5---5---|
G ----0h2--0-----0----------0----------0-----|
B -------------------------------------------|
e -------------------------------------------|


F                  Bb5
Should have told me
D5             C5        F5 Bb5
Seemed like an ordinary day
D5            C5         F5 Bb5
Everything seemed to be okay

F             Bb5
Did it hurt you
D5             C5             F5 Bb5
These are the scars you never show.
D5            C5         F5 Bb5
She is a fire sign you know.
D5              C5                F5 Bb5
One day you're near and then you go

D          C              G  C   F*
Here is a photograph what do you see
C        Fmaj7             F*
There is nothing there but me
D           C             G   C   F*
Oh, in the aftermath its hard to breathe
C      Fmaj7   F*
And harder to believe

Repeat Verse/Main riff:
They deceive you
There was a wall you had to find
The echoes in your mind

You'll surrender
These are the lessons that you learn
No body hears, no one's concerned
One days its clear and then you burn

Repeat Bridge:
Here is the wishing well i jumped into
Nothing came true
Here is a looking glass what do you see
Sorry it's just me

Even just a sound and all your cards are down
Even just a sound
Let me lie you down, don't have to make a sound
I would lie you down

It surrounds you
Sometimes it's easy to believe
Sometimes it hurts more then it seems

Now it's over
These are the scars you never show
There was a warning sign, you know

One day your near and then you go x3
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