David Bowie - Cracked Actor chords

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G        320033
F        133211
Am       X02210
Bm<      X24432
E        022100
D        XX0232
F#       244322
E5       02XXXX
B        X24442
A        X02220
F5       13XXXX
G5       35XXXX

        E5  F5  G5
        E5  F5  G5  B

          F                      Am
I've come on a few years from my Hollywood Highs
    E                             D
The best of the last the cleanest star they ever had
    F                      Am
I'm stiff on my legend the films that I made
Forget that I'm fifty cause you just got paid

Bm               A
Crack baby crack show me you're real
G                        F#
Smack baby smack is that all that you feel
Bm             A
Suck baby suck give me your head
G                                       F#
Before you start professing that you're knocking me dead

SOLO:  E5  F5  G5
       E5  F5  G5  B

    F                               Am
You caught yourself a trick down on Sunset and Vine
    E                                 D
But since he pinned you baby you're a porcupine
    F                       Am
You sold me illusions for a sack full of cheques
You've made a bad connection 'cause I just want your sex


OUTRO:  E5  F5  G5   E5  F5  G5
        E5  F5  G5   E5  F5  G5
        F5  E5  F5  G5  E5  F5  G5
        E5  F5  G5   E5  F5  G5
        E5  F5  G5   E5  F5  G5...repeat until fade

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