David Bowie - Its No Game Part 2 chords

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It's no game (part two)

 D                 D7   Am
Silhouettes and shadows watch the revolution
 G                            (Bb, Bb/A alternate) C
No more free steps to heaven
 D            D7   Am
Just walkie-talkie - heaven or hearth
 G                                               (Bb, Bb/A alternate) C  
Just big heads and drums - full speed and pagan
              D      Am  C   G   A   
And it's no game   (ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo)

 (same chords)
I am barred from the event
I really don't understand the situation
So where's the moral
People have their fingers broken
To be insulted by these fascists it's so degrading
And it's no game (ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo)

Documentaries on refugees
Couples 'gainst the target
 C                        G            
You throw a rock against the road
And it breaks into pieces
 Em                             A
Draw the blinds on yesterday, and it's all so much scarier
 C               G                A
Put a bullet in my brain, and it makes all the papers

 Solo: E  Bm  D  A  E
             E    Bm  D  A  B 
And it's no game

 D             D7  Am
Children round the world, put camel shit on the walls
 G                                                      (Bb, Bb/A alternate) C
They're making carpets on treadmills, or garbage sorting
              D   Am  A
And it's no game
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