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David Bowie - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars tab

The "ziggy stardust" album by david bowie

I do not take credit for this but the other version posted is not very good

Five Years
|:G               |                  |                |          G  F# |bass
           Pushing through the market square,
                A  girl my age went   off her head

|Em               |                  |                |                |
               so  many mothers sighing
          hit some tiny children (no C 2nd time)

|A                |                  |                |          G  A  |
              News had just come over                            we had
       If the black had not pulled her off                           I

|C                |                  |                |C     Bm     Am |
 five years               left   to   cry in      
 think        she        would  have  killed them

|G                |                  |                |          G   F#|
          News guy wept  and   told   us                    
              A soldier with a broken arm                     fixed his 

|Em               |                  |                |                |
 Earth               was really       dying
 stare      to the wheels  of  a      Cadillac

|A                |                  |                |          G  A  |
      Cried   so    much his face was wet,                       then I 
      A cop knelt   and kissed    the feet of a priest            and a 

|C                |                  |                |  C    Bm   Am  |
knew                  he   was    not lying                   I  heard
queer     threw up        at    the  sight of that

|G                |                  |                |         Bm F#m |
 telephones        opera house,      favourite melodies       I  saw
 I think I saw you             in an  ice  cream  parlour 

|Em               |                  |                |                |
 boys,             toys electric      irons    and T.V's            My
     drinking milk shakes    cold and long

|A                |                  |                |                |
 brain hurt like a warehouse, it had no room to spare.....      I had to
  Smiling   and    waving      and     looking    so  fine

|C                |                  |                |                |
I had to cram so many things to store evrything in there and all the fat
Don't think you knew      you were in this song       |(next section)

|Am               |                  |C               |                |
 skinny people                             and all the tall      short 

|Am               |                  |C               |  C   Bm   Am   |
 people                                    And all the no    bod   y 

|G                |                  |C              |       G    Am   |
 people                                   and all the some   bod   y

|D7               |                  |                |                |
 people                I never thought I'd need         so   man   y 

|Am               |                  |C               |  C     Bm  Am :|
 people                                                 (back to start)

(Continued from above)
|C                |                  |                |   C   Bm   Am  |
Don't think you knew      you were in this song         And  it   was

|G                |                  |                |        G   F#m |
 cold       and it rained        so I felt  like   an  actor      and I

|Em               |                  |                |                |
 thought      of   Ma           and I wanted to get    back there  your

|A                |                  |                |                |
 face         your race           the  way  that  you  talk           I

|C                |                  |                |                |
 kiss you, you're  beautiful,      I   want  you   to  walk    We  got

|:G               |                  |                |                |
 Five              years               stuck  on   my  eyes

|Em               |                  |                |                |
 Five              years                what  a   surprise,     We  got

|A                |                  |                |                |
 Five             years          my   brain hurts a lot          We got 

|C                |                  |                |               :|
 Five             years              that's all we've got        We got 


Soul Love 4/4 time except *=2/4 time
|G               |                 |                   |*        |
 Stone            love         she kneels before the grave,   A
 New              love           a  boy and girl are talking
|Em              |                 |                   |* g  f#  |
 brave            son           who gave his life to save     the 
 new              words         that only they can share      in

|C               |                 |                   |                |
 slo              gan          that hovers between the headstone and her 
 new              words         a love so strong it tears their hearts to

|G               |Bm               |Am                 |D               |
 eyes.............. for they penetrate her grieving.....
 sleep............. thru the .. hour   of morning.......

|Am               |                 |Em                |                 |
Love is careless  in its choosing    sweeping   over     cross n   baby

|F                |C                |D                 |                 |
Love descends on those defenceless   Idiot love will    spark the fusion

|C                |D7               |G7                |C                |
Inspiration have   I none, just to  touch the flaming dove

|Cm               |G                |Dsus4             |D7               |
 All I have is my  love of love and love is not loving....

Solo (SAX)  |G x4 |Em x4 |C x4 |G  |Bm  |Am  |D  |as in verse

|A               |                 |                   |*        |
 Soul             love        the priest that tastes the word and
 La               la      
|F#m             |                 |                   |*        |
 told          of love          and how my God on high...      is

|D               |                 |                   |                |
 all              love       though reaching up my lone...liness   e.....

|A               |C#m               |Bm                 |E               |
volves............. by the blindness that  surrounds him....

|Bm               |                 |F#m                |                |
Love is careless  in its choosing    sweeping   over     cross n   baby

|G                |D                |E                 |                 |
Love descends on those defenceless   Idiot love will    spark the fusion

|D                |E7               |A7                |D                |
Inspiration have   I none, just to  touch the flaming dove

|Dm               |A                |Esus4             |E7               |
 All I have is my  love of love and love is not loving....

 la               la  etc 


repeat, second time start the la la 


Moonage Daydream

|D D                       |F#m  F#m                     |
       I'm an alligator          I'm a mama-papa coming for
       Don't fake it baby        Lay the real thing on 
|Bm                        |Bm/A                         |
 you....                I'm  the  space inva.....der...   
 me....                      The  Church  of  mad  love.. 
|E                         |G                            |
....              I'll be a rock 'n' rollin'  bitch  for
...    Is such a holy place to be.. ...
|G                         |                             |
you..................        keep    your  mouth   shut...
                                             Make me baby.
|D                         |                             |
.......             you're squawking like a big monkey bird
.......                    make  me  know  you  really care 
|F#m                       |                             |
................   and  I'm busting  up  my   brains.....
................           make me jump into the air.....  
|Bm                         |Bm/A                        |
for the words...
|E                          |E                           |

|G                 |Bm               |E                |E              |
          Keep your 'lectric eye on   me    babe
           Put your ray gun to my.......    head
        Press your space face close to mine love

|D                                  E
 Freak out in a moonage daydream oh yeah!

Instrumental (this is how I play it on the guitar)
 Bm             A            G             F#m    

Mick's famous solo follows the above chord pattern.

Correction sent by Mark
The Bm in the verse is better actually with a B major.
On the chorus thats not Bm, its actually a full D chord. Sequence G D E

Chris Clark Correction

|Bb           |Bb          |F           |F           |x2

|:Gm                            |                              |
  Didn't know what time it was and the lights were low  ow  ow..
    Then  the  loud  sound did   seem  to  fa  a   a   ade......

|F                              |                              |
...  I  leaned  back  on   my   rad.....i....o     o   o    o
..Came back like a slow voice on a   wave   of

|C                              |C7                            |
.. Some cat was layin down some  rock 'n' roll lotta soul he said
.. That weren't no D.J. that was ha.z.y cos..mic   jive

|F               Ab     Bb    :|
                (first time)
|A -17-                       |G                               |
|  -14-                                               There's a
|F                             |Dm                              |
 star           man              waiting in the sky         He'd

|Am               Am/G         |C7                              |
like to come and meet us but he thinks he'd blow our minds There's a

|F                             |Dm
 star           man              waiting in the sky         He's

|Am              Am/G          |C7                              |
told us not to blow it cause he knows it's all worthwhile He told me

|Bb             Bbm            |F               D7              |
     let the children lose it         let the children use it

|Gm              C7            |
   Let all the children boogie
repeat - two guitars                                               
 Bb               F                C                F  
 la    la  la  la la    la  la  la la    la  la  la la     la  la  la

 Bb               F                C                Gm  
                                                       I had to phone..
repeat  Bb  F  C  F   pattern for outro


It Ain't Easy

 Asus4    Asus4    A      A       repeat
|--7-------7--------6------6-----|use the 4th finger to
|--7-------7--------7------7-----|lift on and off. For the
|0-------0--------0------0-------|"Strange things" put it on the C

When you climb to the top of the mountain, look out over the sea
Think about the places perhaps, where a young man could be
Then you jump back down to the rooftops, look out over the town      C  
Think about all of the strange things circulating round         It ain't

(Note only the bass plays the C for 1 beat on the count of 4)
|A         C   |A        C   |A         Eb    |  (Eb=xx5343) 
 easy  It ain't easy  It ain't easy to get to 

|D                 A          |A  
heaven when you're going down
 Asus4               A                   Eb        D


Lady Stardust
 A                  E

|A                |C#               |F#m               |D             |
            People stared  at  the   makeup   on   his  face

|A                |F#m              |E                 |C#            |
   Laughed at his long black hair   his   animal        grace

|F#m              |D                |A                 |C#            |
   The boy in the bright blue jeans... jumped up on the stage      and

|A                |E                |D                 |E             |
 Lady Stardust sang his  songs  of   darkness and disgrace  And he was

|A6               |E                |D                 |E             |
 al................right         the band was altogether     yes he was

|A6               |E                |D                 |E             |
 al................right         the song went on forever    yes he was

|Em               |Em#7(B+/D#)     |Em7(G/D)           |Em6(A/C#)    |
 aw...........ful nice            really quite out of sight.. and he sang

|A                |E                |D                 |E             |
 all.............. night

|D                |B                |Esus4             | E
 Ooh,   how   I  sighed  when  they asked if I knew his name

Correction by Mark
Lady Stardust - its a more sophisticated song than the others ...
A                |C#               |F#m               |D             |
A                |F#m              |E                 |Ddim - not C sharp 

Theres also something funny about your interpretation of the "awful nice" bit 
- its a simple Em descending sequence not Em to Em7 - I'm won't work out what 
the full chord names are for they will all be E's


Intro C G
  |C                        |G                          |
1.  Tony went to fight in Belfast
2.  Bevan tried to change the nation

  |C                        |G                   G  F#  |
1. Rudi stayed at home to starve
2. Sonny wants to turn the world  well he can tell you that he

  |Em                       |D                          |C           G       |
1. I  could  make  it       all   worthwhile  as  a    rock & roll star
2. tried     I could make a transformation    as  a    rock & roll star

|D notes d d f# f# a a f# f# |Em                          |
 So                           inviting 

|F                       |G                     G  F#|
 so                       enticing         to play the 

|Em                       |D                          |C           G         |
part              I could  play the wild mutation as a rock & roll star

|C C   C C  C C   G      |Bb Bb  Bb Bb  Bb Bb    F    |
                       Get it all yeah!     Oh yeah

|C C   C C  C C   G      |Bb    F    |
|Em        notes  g a b  |C               notes a g f#|
I could do with the money
I'm so wiped out with things as they are

|Em                       |D                 |Eb            |F         G    F#|
I'd send my photograph to my honey  and  I'd c'mon like a regular superstar

|Em              |D              |C           |G         F# |       
  I could fall asleep at night as a rock & roll star
 I could fall in love all right as a rock & roll star

 C                 Bb            Ab                 G       
Bum bum Just watch me bum

Hang On To Yourself
D C G5
     Oh she's a 
     we can't   
|F#m                            |A                          |
tongue twisting storm, she will come to the show tonight
dance, we don't talk much, we  just ball and play, but we  

|B                              |F#5 A5 |B5          |               |
Praying to the light machine                             She wants my 
move like tigers on vaseline                              Well the

|F#m                            |A                          |
 honey  not  my  money she's  a  funky thigh collector
 bitter  comes out better on  a  stolen guitar your the 
|B                              |F#5 A5 |B5          |               |
 Laying  on  electric  dreams.......                          So come
 blessed, were the Spiders from Mars
|C                              |D                          |
 on,                  so come on,                      we've

|C                              |D                          |
 really  got  a  good  thing            Well come on

|C                              |D                          |
....                 Well come on                     if you

|C                              |A                          |D   C  |G5
think we're gonna make it         You better hang on to yourself.......

A               |D              |A               |D              |C      |D
e---------(5)/9\5~---5\3--------|----------(5)/9\5~---5\3--------|------ |--
b---2/3-5-------|---------5-3/2-|----2/3-5-------|---------5-3/2-|1~---- |3~
g---------------|---------------|2~--------------|---------------|------ |--
                                                   lay it on come on  come on

Ziggy Stardust

 G       D/A      C    G/B   G/A 

 G       D/A      C    G/B   G/A 

|:G                    |Bm                      |C              C/G   b c   |
Ziggy played guitar jamming good with Weird and Gilly  the Spiders from Mars
Ziggy really sang screwed up eyes & screwed down hairdo like some cat from 
Ziggy played for time  Jiving  us  that  we  were  voodoo    The kids were 

|D                     |G                          |Em                          |
.. He played it left hand      but made it too far.....        became the spec
an He could lick em by smiling he could leave em to hang         came on so
crass      He was the naz           with God given ass            He took it 

|Am                   |C                         :|
ial man  then we were Ziggy's band
loaded   well hung and snow-white tan
all to far but boy could he play guitar

|:Am              G                  |F                           G  :|
                So where were the Spiders?
         While the fly tried to break....      our balls
   with just the beer light to guide.... us....                  So we

|D                                    |E                              |intro
 bitched about his fans    & should we crush his sweet hands...

Intro                |C                         |G
Oh yeah     Oh......             Ziggy played guitar..........

(here are some other ideas for the intro that were sent to me by Martin KR)



Suffragette City 
|G A A A A A   |A        |A       |A        |A       |        

|A                            F |                       G    |
 Hey       man     oh            leave me alone     you know
 Hey       man               my  schooldays insane

|A                            F |              G             |
 Hey       man          oh Henry get off the phone    I gotta
 Hey       man               my work's down the drain

|A                            B |                            |
 Hey       man           I gotta straighten my face      This
 Hey       man       well she's a total blam-blam        She

|D                              |F             G             |
mellow thigh chick just put my spine out of place
said she had to squeeze it but she... then she...      Oh don't

|A                              |D                           |
lean  on  me  man     'cause you can't afford the ticket

|F              C               |G                           |
     I'm back on Suffragette City....                 No don't

|A                              |D                           |
lean  on  me  man     'cause you ain't got time to check it

|F             C                |G                           |
    You know my Suffragette City.....              It's outta

|A   A   A  A   A               |A                           |
sight...               she's all right

Solo - Follow the verse chord pattern



Repeat Chorus                  |A                          |

|:F                            |A                         :|
                  Suffragette City.....

|F                             |E                          |
|E                             |E                          |

|A  Oh Wham Bam thank you mam  | 

Repeat above pattern for outro

Rock 'N' Roll Suicide
Intro 12/8 time
|C             |G             |C              |G               |
                                                    Time takes a
                                                You're too old to 

|C                                  |E7                                  |
 cigarette           puts it in your mouth               You pull on your
 lose it                too young to choose it                    and the

|F                  G               |Am               G                  |
finger then another finger then your cigarette         The wall to wall is
clock waits     so patiently on your song                  You walk past a

|F                 G                |Am               G                  |
 calling      it lingers then you forget              Oh
 cafe but you don't eat when you live too long         Oh     no     no

|F                          |                     
you're a rock'n roll suicide

|C                G                |C                                    |
                    Chev brakes are snarling             as you stumble a

|E7                                |F                G                   |
cross the road              but the day breaks in....stead so you hurry 

|Am              G                 |F                G                   |
 home                Don't let the sun blast your shadow     don't let the

|E7                 Am             |F               D9                   |
milk float ride your mind       So natural    religiously     un     kind

|G7                                |C                                    |
.....     Oh no love you're not alone  You're watching yourself but you're

|A                                 |C                                    |
too unfair             you got your head all tangled but if I could only

|A                                 |Bbm               Abm                |
make you care                   Oh no love you're not alone     no matter

|B                  Ebm            |Bbm                   Db             |
 what or who you've been  no matter when or where you've seen      all the

|B                 Ebm             |Bbm                         Db           |
knives seem your brain I've had my share I'll help you with the pain
    to lacerate 

|                  |Bbm                   Bb  B  C |Db                       |
you're not alone                                   Just turn on me  you're

|Bb                       Bb  B  C  |Db                                 |
 not alone                          let's turn on me and be
 you're not alone                   gimme your hands
 you're wonderful                   gimme your hands
 you're wonderful                   

|Db             Fm            |Cm             Gb              |Db      Db
 gimme your hands                                             (9th pos)(4th pos)   
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