David Brent - Serpent Who Guards The Gates Of Hell chords

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David Brent's 'Serpent Who Guards The Gates Of Hell' as done by Riiky Gervais in 
this The Office Comic Relief Special
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kROd6JZ98I (song starts at 6:05)

The song isn't actually in Em like Ricky says, it's actually a half step down (so D#m)

Tabber: Isaac Davie
Twitter: @instructio4
Tuning: Half Step Down

All chords relative to tuning.

Em     G            C                   Am
Man, beware of the lady with the flaming hair.

Em               G        C                   Am
She's not what she seems, she will crush your dreams.

C           Am           G (sounds good finger picking this bit)
Don't look in her loving eyes.

C       Am           G      D
She's a demon in disguuiiiiiiiise.

C    Am                G
Soon only time will tell...

 Stop!      Em          D                   Em
..she's the serpent who guards the gates of helllllllll!!!

Pretty short and simple but there you go!
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