David Choi - Wont Even Start chords

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Hi,This Is A Simple Version To David Choi's Wont Even Start.

Tabbed By NubCakePwns.(Matt)

Song Most Suited To Play In 4 Measures


G     D
 What happened 
Em          C     
 after last summer
Am       C
 when we broke up
D      Dsus4  
 in September


G         D
 I havent seen you
Em            C
 Feels like a long time
Am            C
 Sometimes it still hurts
D             Dsus4 
 But I always get by


G D     D                      Em          C
        I still got a piece of you under my skin
       Am          C               D              Dsus4
        Its always there no matter where Ive been


G                     D
 So if I ever see you on the street
Em                  C 
 Ill pretend that I didnt see
     Am      C
 And turn my face
           D             Dsus4
 No use in small talk anyways

G                    D
 Because if I look into your eyes
Em                C
 Then Ill have to say goodbye
     Am              C
 And thatll break my heart
    D      Dsus4 Em
 So I wont even  start
D       Dsus4 G
 I wont even  start

Song Continues So Repeat The Chords :D

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