David Crosby - Page 43 tab

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PAGE 43 (David Crosby)

C         F#m       B7/4
   Look around again

G#m         D            A           C#m
    It's the same old circle You see
A              E     G#m
it's got to be

C#m              B                  A
It says right here on page 43

                       E    F#m     G#m    A
That you should grab a hold of it

Bm     C#m   D
 Else you'll find
It's passed you by

Rainbows all around
Can you find the silver and gold?
It'll make you old
The river can be hot or cold
And you should dive right into it
Else you'll find
It's passed you by

Pass it round one more time
I think I'll have a swallow of wine
Life is fine
Even with the ups and downs
And you should have a sip of it
Else you'll find
It's passed you by

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