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David Crowder Band - Cry Mercy tab

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Bm(1)-D-G(1) 2x


Bm(1) D   G(1)Bm(1)D    G(1)
      I will wait, I will wait for Your peace
      I will wait, I will wait and You comfort me (play verse 2x)

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F#7sus      G(2) F#7sus    G(2)
   I lift my head, I lift my heart my soul
   I lift my hands, I give myself, my life my all


Bm(2)   Asus G(3)
   And I cry mercy Lord
Bm(2) Asus  G(3)
   A cry of freedom to be heard
   And I cry mercy Lord
   A cry of freedom from this world


(play like chorus)
Yey-ha, yey-ha, yey-ha, yey-ha  (repeat twice then repeat pre-chorus and
chorus, then play outro as desired until end of song)
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