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David Gray - The Rice tab

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THE RICE – David Gray
Album: The Ep’s 92-94

Tabbed by guitaristu

Should be pretty much spot on... please comment/rate.

G B7 Em C G B7 Em C 

G B7 Em C G B7 Em C 
The draughts blew cold under the door 
As we threw our clothes on the kitchen floor 
The broccoli boils in a pan on the gas stove where we stand 
Won’t you take this spatula in your hand 
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Let the rice burn
It cannot deter my love for you
We have no concern
B7 Em
Under the hem of the night
B7 C
Under the hem of the night

G B7 Em C G B7 Em C 
Out on the roof over the havoc streets 
With the sky a blanket each sweet kiss 
So melodramatic embroidered by shadow 
By the fridge I reminisce


Asus2 B7 Em B7
We staggered a doorway and all of a sudden 
The drum of the rain on the heather hills 
Now everything’s changed and our silence is bitter
Asus2 B7 Em C
And you are all unhinged 

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