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David Gray - First Chance chords

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This is my first submission.  Its not perfect, but I think sounds pretty good on the 

Capo on 5th fret  (All chords relative to the capo)

Verse Chords (Like a bird)

Em    tap first fret, 2nd string (listen to the song to hear what I mean).

D/F#  along with 4th string 4th fret and shifting up to the fifth fret (I use my pinkie finger).

[Alternately you can play a D chord and hammer on from the 2nd fret to the third on the 
e string.  It sounds different from the recording but sounds alright playing by yourself.]

First Short Chorus (First chance)

D/F# or just D

Verse Chords again

Chorus (First Chance I get)

D/F# or just D

Bridge Part (Ooooo, Ooooo)

D (pull-off 2nd fret 1st string to open string)
Em (pull-off 3rd fret 1string to open string)

The rest should repeat the verse and chorus chord structure.  Hope this makes some sense 
helps you play this new track.
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