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David Gray - Alibi tab

by david gray

standard tuning Eadgbe
no capo

   C#m : C#m2:  A  :  A2 : E : F#m : B :C#m/Bb:

    A* : Ewlkd : Awlkd : G#m :  E2 : B/E :
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Ewlkd and Awlkd are both 'walkdowns' where the chord
changes by only one string for three consecutive counts.
rather than write out each chord name, just consider these
'walkdowns' as three chords that change only slitely.
note that the Awlkd is only used once, moves quickly
(half the time of the Ewlkd), and becomes the A2 chord,
strumming each chord once, affecting an introduction to
the "all nite busz.." bridge.
also, there's probably a better way to set up the E2-B/E
part that repeats at the end so that it sounds closer to
the piano's notes, but i like using these chords to just
pound out the rhythm and sing along.


 (C#m)            (C#m2)            (A)(A2)
 stone blind alibi i will eat the lie
          (E)        (F#m)     (B)
 find the word could break any spell that binds you
 (C#m)                 (C#m2)             (A)(A2)
 prayers like ammonites curl beneath the lites
       (E)    (F#m)     (B)                (C#m/Bb)
 how i long to bite any hand that feeds you more
 (A*)              (E)     (F#m)    (B)   (C#m)
 where'd it all go wrong  my friday nite enfant
 (A*)              (E)     (F#m)    (B)   (Ewlkd) (Awlkd)(A2)
 where'd it all go wrong  my friday nite enfant
         (F#m)     (G#m)
 all nite busz on a line
          (F#m)        (G#m)
 it's only blood on the rime
          (F#m)       (B)
 wrecks my head every time
 it leads me on
 (A*)              (E)     (F#m)    (B)   (C#m)
 where'd it all go wrong  my friday nite enfant
 (A*)              (E)     (F#m)    (B)   (E2) (B/E) (E2) (B/E)
 where'd it all go wrong  my friday nite enfant
  (E2)(B/E) (E2)(B/E)
 tonite    tonite
  (E2)(B/E)          (E2)(B/E)
 tonite, i'm running wild, i'm running (x4)
  (E2)(B/E)          (E)
 tonite, i'm running wild

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