David Hodges - Reason For Love chords

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Hello all, really enjoy having ultimateguitar around providing me with so much help with
many songs, so here I am trying
to return the favor by adding one myself. first time doing so, but hopefully while you
playing the song, it'll makes up
for my noob attempt.

Verse 1
       C             F
Sitting here, in the dark
         Am                          G
I don’t know what went wrong, But its over now
              C             F
Wish I could be, Where you are
    Am                           G
But something should never be say out loud
Dm            F
Come save me, unbreak me
Dm               F
Cause I just cant forget you

C                 F
Take me so far away from this place
          Am                          G
Where my heart can breathe, somewhere I can believe again
C                       F
Give me something that time cant erase
Am                              F
Cause losing you is taking too much
Am                             C
Tell me there’s a reason for love

Verse 2
        C              F
I see myself, walking away
               Am                              G
There is a piece of my heart that’s still holding on
        C           F
People say, “let it go”
              Am                  G
But leaving is easier said than done yeah

Dm           F
Each memory, still haunts me
Dm           F
Cause I just cant forget you (2x)
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