David Nail - Missouri chords

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David Nail
I'm About To Come Alive
(Note:  The B in the G/B chord is hammered on throughout the song)

G-G/B-C (x4)

No-(G)-vember's  al-(G/B)-most  o-(C)-ver (G-G/B-C)
Gentle (G) winter's on (G/B) the (C) way  (G-G/B-C)
Still I (G) sit here on (G/B) this bal-(C)-cony (G-G/B-C)
Smoke my brain (G) away (G/B - C)(G-G/B-C)

(D) Waiting on that phone to ring (C)
(D) Wondering which day that it will (C) be

Oh (F) Carrie, I pray one day (C) you'll go back home (G)
To the (F) warmth of Southern Geor-(C)-gia where you belong (G)
And (F) leave all the pain (C)  you've felt from (G) me (D/F#) here in (C) Missouri

(G-G/B-C) (X2)

Oh, you (G) were just (G/B) a young (C) girl (G-G/B-C)
And (G) I swore I (G/B) could (C) change (G-G/B-C)
Every day (G) that you (G/B) forgave (C) me(G-G/B) is just a-(C)-nother one you'll 
(G) waste (G/B-C) (G-G/B-C)

(D) You came here in search of something (C) true
(D) Looks like, girl, your searching isn't (C) through

Chorus (x1)

It's (D) hard to think that everything a-(C)-round her
To (D) know that won't be happy ever (C) after (D)

Chorus (x2)

Here in (G) Missouri (G/B-C) (G-G/B-C)
(G) Missouri  (G/B-C) (G-G/B-C)
Mis-(G)-souri (G/B-C) (G-G/B-C)
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