Davis Raines - Music City Blues chords

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Music City Blues
Davis Raines
G                                  C
Iím stuck here in the middle lane, traffic backed up to the trains
G                                D
Same old woman on my brain and what to do but wait
G                                       C
Here where buildings look like bats and Yankee boys in cowboy hats
     G                                D                G
Are asking people where itís at and I tell Ďem itís too late
 D                          G
Hey Mama let me reverse the charges.
      D                                  G
Would you mind sending me my traveling shoes?
G                                C
Never mind Ďcause sheíll be gone regardless
         G                               D          G
And Iíll be here in Nashvegas with these Music City Blues

The record man donít want my songs, he says theyíre dark and much too long
Besides my accentís much too strong for radio these days
So hush my mouth and call me dumb Ďcause I donít understand how come.
Where you supposed to come from to be country anyway?
Hey Buddy, anybody spare a B string? ĎCause mines broke and damn, I am too.
I tell you man, a man can start to see things,
When heís getting off on Broadway with these Music City Blues.

But if I had it I would bet a hundred dollars now and yet
Tomorrow Iíll get up and get that wicked guitar down.
And give the wheel another spin and try to get it right again,
And place a bet on me to win the jackpot here in town.
Hey baby if it comes between us, I guess itís just what Iís built to do
But maybe later on if itís convenient
You can meet me at the Merchants with the Music City Blues
You can meet me at the Merchants with the Music City Blues

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