Davis Raines - Big Doins chords

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Big Doinsí In a Small Town
Davis Raines 
(Intro)    F   C   G   F   G   C     F    C   G    F   G   C
      F   D     G                   F      G   C
Gary Dale ainít right itís like his mind's on hold.
             F  C   G                F    G    C
Heís still a little kid, Heís thirty two years old. 
        F                  G                    C
And he lives there at the fruit stand that his people run.
F          G                    C
Wears his white cowboy hat and little toy guns.
     F                     F            F                      G      
And tells folks heís the sheriff, now fate has found him making rounds
      Dm    G      Am      
Big doinsí in a small town

Mr. James Lee Jones, he is a desperate man. 
Heís all hopped up on speed, heís on the prowl again. 
He left the racetrack station half an hour ago. 
He drove off without paying Ďcause heís low down broke.
He was jumpy, kinda nervous, and now no better actor could be found.
For  Big doinsí in a small town

[instrumental bridge]  Dm   G   Am

Driviní thirty miles down the interstate,
James takes the Prattville ramp, he thinks heíll sit and wait.  
So he pulls into the fruit stand amongst some other  cars.
His mind is racing crazy as he starts to park.
When he sees the armed man coming and everything just starts to slow down.
Big doinsí in a small town

Gary Dale walks up just like he always does.
He shows the man his badge, he shows the man his guns.  
Then he reaches for his pistols in the parking lot.
James takes his twenty five and he fires a shot.
He kills Gary Dale, and now James Lee Jones lifeís just come unwound
Big doinsí in a small town

[instrumental break-complete verse]
They sent James away down to the Draper farm.
The cityís mighty glad he canít do no more harm. 
Too bad about the idiot boy, what was his name. 
And his poor Mom and Daddy, Lord what a shame
The funeralís nice, the trial was nice and long,
and for a while it was the talk for miles around.
Big doinsí in a small town.
Big doinsí in a small town.
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