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Dawes - Someone Will chords

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                                             SOMEONE WILL - Dawes

Tabbed by: Macheeoo

Tuning: Standard CAPO I

Awesome new song off their latest effort 'Stories Don't End'. The song is
finger-picked, and before you ask NO, i'm quite sorry, I don't feel like
tabbing out the picking pattern; It would be a lengthy process to which I'd
like to avoid for the time being. 

Notes: This is how I'd play it, Taylor goes higher on the fret board, but
the chords are the same so enjoy! 

I know there are a few chords mixed in that sound jazzy/blusy-er 
because of several instances of 7th chords and such... if you find anything
missing feel free to share in the comments!

Here are some chords you'll need to know!

    E  E/C# E/D# A   F#  [ch]F#/D#[/ch] [ch]F#/E[/ch]  G#  C#m B   D

Grab your cigarettes
    A                    E           E/C#  E/D#  E/C#
And follow me out of the living room
             E               A              F#  [ch]F#/D#[/ch]  [ch]F#/E[/ch]  F# (walk up B 
And I'll get drunk enough to tell you how I feel                  string to F#)
About the men you loved
             G#                    C#m         B  A 
And how they all seemed to get the best of you
                   E                     B   
Because If I don't say these things you know
D       E 
Someone will

        E                       A                         E   E/C#  E/D# E/C#
If that look in your eyes, as I slowly go through the evidence
           E               A                   F#  [ch]F#/D#[/ch]  [ch]F#/E[/ch]  F#
Gives any insight into the void you can't get filled
          E                       G#                C#m   B  A
Then your heart it's bigger than any I've come up against
                  E                   B   
And if nobody has loved you enough I know now 
D        E
Someone will

     :::GUITAR SOLO::: 
  Play verse chords underneath

      E                 A                   E  E/C# E/D# E/C#
So I hope my voice can stay as clear as I need it to
            E                 A            F#  [ch]F#/D#[/ch]  [ch]F#/E[/ch]  F#
But that my words take on the nature of a drill
      E                G#                   C#m  B  A
To be set against the frozen sea inside of you
                   E                        B
Because if I don't tell you I'm falling in love then
D        E
Someone will

         B                                  E
Someone will - and maybe someday you'll be listening
            B                         C#m
But I could be just as you need me up until
             E                         G#
The kind of guy you say you're looking for 
                 C#m        B       A
Sounds like the kind of guy I want to be
               E                          B  
But if you just want someone to hold you tonight then
D       E
Someone will

(No guitar for this next verse but you can play if performing alone)

It's the nights like this in the quieter parts of Los Angeles

When you think you see the outline of the beast up in the hills

Well you might be sitting beside the only person you could face it with

But if you don't want me after tonight

Someone will

I have to believe that

Someone will
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