De Capulet - Hold Your Hand Hold Your Heart tab

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So I love De Capulet, and these chords are a pretty simple version of the song. It's 
the same the whole way through, but I'm going to write it all down so it's easier to read.

Intro: (We can call it RIFF 1)
D  Dsus4  D  Dsus4 (x4)

Then we'll call this RIFF 2:
D D D D  Dsus4 Dsus4 Dsus4Dsus4  D D D D  Dsus4 Dsus4Dsus4 Dsus4
Don't strum, just strum straight down.

Play RIFF 2 (x2)


D (hold)
I stood at the edge of the sea
                                           D Dsus4
I pretended to be somebody you couldn't leave
D   D   D    D  D   D  D  
 (strum straight down like riff 2)
The sun fell inside of my eyes
D D   D    D         D   D    D   D   D    D
I was very surprised to find that love is a right

RIFF 2 (repeat through section)
Not a privelege, not a chore
And as the sea struck the shore
I came upon a fact that I just couldn't ignore
Love is like a bike that I am learning to ride
Maybe with practice and time, I will get to you


D                   Dsus4
I wanna hold your hand
D                   Dsus4
So I can hold your heart (x2)
D                                Dsus4
Our love, our love, is gonna be alright
D                               Dsus4
We've got to be honest from the start
    C (hold)
So come on baby and let me hold your hand
D                    Dsus4
So I can hold your heart

D (hold)
S stands for opposite sex

And as she starts to undress
D   D    D      D       Dsus4
The M it stands for the mess that commenced at her feet

(RIFF 2)
The I inside of believe swept me off of my feet and it made me think
If L and E were flown atop a high-flying kite string,
Would they make it to the edge of the sea?

D (hold)                       Dsus4 (hold)
Love is like a song that I am learning to sing
D (hold)            Dsus4 (hold)
On the first day of spring
D                   D  Dsus4
Won't you sing with me?


N.C.                                RIFF 2
And love, love isn't only something we do
Love, love for me is looking at you, ooh
And I know you need to know my love is true
And I know (x3) how I can prove it to you

(Hey Jude-esque "screams" at this part...optional?)


Our love, our love, our love is gonna be alright
(repeat and freestyle if you want)

Play RIFF 2 again
D D D D D D D (hold last one)


Also there is a riff that is played at a few points in the goes like this.

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