Dead Moon - Im Out Nine chords

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I'm Out Nine (Fred Cole)


G  D  Em  C  G  D  G

G        D     Em        C
Runaway horses under my hood
       G         D     G
can't catch me when I fly
blue sky over me, six feet under me
touch me when you cry
I caught sight of you, I've got altitude
in my clouded eyes
isn't that mainstream? Finding you empty
socially I'm out nine

repeat INTRO

Innocent highway, stranger than my way
turn me like a page
taken a wrong turn, deafly won't be heard
damaged but I'm ok
checking the chamber, nervous I came here
looking through colored blinds
careful don't miss me, going out easy
socially I'm out nine



    G  D  Em C

Dead Moon:
Fred Cole-  Guitar, Vocals
Toody Cole-  Bass, Vocals
Andrew Loomis- Drums

Tabbed by Deadmoony

"Im Out Nine" on "Defiance"  LP (Tombstone, T-35, 1990)
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