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Deaf Havana - Im A Bore Mostly chords

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 Intro: D     g          bm             a          

                   D        g          bm                a
I spent most of my days neither sleeping nor awake
         D                g             bm               a
Watching pointless documentaries on tornadoes and earthquakes
D                g                 bm                a
Coffee keeps me going though, it fuels my wandering mind
D                     g        bm                            
Wishing I was Kurt Cobain or Morrissey
It takes up most of my time

interlude: D                   g                 bm          a
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It shows with me losing my voice, it always seems a chore
My faith in music slowly disappearing more and more
These tattoos on my hands are there for life
And the songs inside my head wonít come out right

g             bm                     a
The times are changing, we can go anywhere
g                 bm                   a
But Iím far too cool to admit that I care
g                 bm                 a
The times are changing, we can go anywhere
                     em                a
But Iím stuck in my ways and I wonít change


So I try to drag my fragile frame 
through another day And another dose of caffeine in my veins
My body aches and my mouth is full of sores
And Iíve reached the verdict that mostly, Iím a bore.
(Yeah, Iím a bore)

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