Dear And The Headlights - Mother Make Me Golden tab

I'm a beginner at all this tablature stuff so be easy on me. i haven't been playing
for too long so don't be too harsh. i used this site to tune my guitar to this tuning.

i hope someone tabs the rest of the song and/or fixes my mistakes

Dear and the Headlights - mother make me golden
Tunning: EADF#Be

Intro: Reapeat this 8 times
e |-------------------------------------------------------------|
B |-----2-2-------2-2-------------------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------------------------------------|
A |-1----------1----------2---------2---------------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------------------|

e |-----------------------------------------------------------------|
B |-----2-----------------------6--------7-7-----7-7-----7-7--------|
D |-----------------------------------------------------------------|
A |-1-----------2-----------4---------6--------6-------6------------|
E |-----------------------------------------------------------------|

e |-----------------------------------|
B |--777777776--6-6----6-6-----6-6----|
D |--xxxxxxxxx------------------------|
A |--666666664-------4-------4--------|
E |-----------------------------------|

**someone should finish off the song or fix my mistakes, w/e. i wanna learn all of it
i cant figure it out.**
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