Death Cab For Cutie - Jealousy Rides With Me chords

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Jealousy Rides With Me
By Death Cab for Cutie
Tabbed by Dan Cobb

It sounds pretty damn close to me, but there's no other chords up to compare to, so w/e.
I do my G a little funny for this song to make it sound better:

** In the interlude (or w/e it's called) I bar the chords:
   Gi      Ab      Cm      Eb      Bb
e|-3-|  e|-4-|  e|-3-|  e|-6-|  e|-6-|  
B|-3-|  B|-4-|  B|-4-|  B|-8-|  B|-6-|  
G|-4-|  G|-5-|  G|-5-|  G|-8-|  G|-7-|  
D|-5-|  D|-6-|  D|-5-|  D|-8-|  D|-8-|  
A|-5-|  A|-6-|  A|-3-|  A|-6-|  A|-8-|  
E|-3-|  E|-4-|  E|-3-|  E|-6-|  E|-6-|   

Capo 1

D      A Em           G
Jealousy rides with me
       D             A    Em             G
such a faithful companion no one could be
       D              A        Em               G
and he sits on my shoulder and whispers the things
     Em          G          D
that make me so bitter its sick

jealousy rides with me
in wake or in slumber I can't get relief
from the pictures he paints of the passion in heat
and though I try I can't stop listening

** Interlude:
    Gi   Ab    Ab   Cm     Cm//Eb    Em
and I've tried bribery, but to no effect
      Gi      Ab           Ab Cm            Cm//Eb  Ab Bb
cause there's no amount of money that would get him to split
   Gi   Ab     Ab Cm      Cm  //  Eb   Em
as long as I'm living and we're not together
        G               Em         G             A
I'll be chained to this beast with no chance of severance 'cause

D      A Em           G
jealousy rides with me
such a faithful companion no one could be
for a journey that leads to the outskirts of time
          Em            G          D
but don't worry about me, I'll be fine
   Em           G               D
it beats being lonely, I'll be fine.

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