Death Cab For Cutie - Steadier Footing Acoustic tab

Artist: Death Cab for Cutie
Song: Steadier Footing
Tabbed by: lackofcolour

This is based on Ben's solo acoustic performance. Unlike the album version, he strums 
chords consistently throughout the song. I wasn't sure of some of the chord names, so I 
made some of them up. I'm not 100% about if the B* and E2 chords are correct. Thanks for looking!

Tuning: Standard


    B      G#m      E      C#m     E*     B*     E2*



You could also do the low notes as slides: 9s12 and 12s7. At the end of the line where 
see the B, continue playing B into the next line.

B               G#m            E           B
   it's gotten late and now I want to be alone

             G#m                    E             B
all of our friends were here, they all have gone home

            B*                E2*
and here I sit on the front porch

              c#m            E*              B
watching the drunks stumble forth into the night

               G#m             E                B
you gave me a heart attack, I did not see you there

                     G#m           E                B
I thought you had dissappeared so early away from here

                   B*           E2*
and this is the chance I never got

          C#m                      E*
to make a move, but we just talk about

the people we've met in the last five years

and will we remember them in ten more

B         G#m                E               B
   I let you bum a smoke, you quit this winter past

            G#m                   E                       B   *Fill x2
I've tried twice before but like this, it just would not last
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