Decemberadio - Find You Waiting tab

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                           Find You Waiting

Capo 2nd Fret

               G                        D
I've heard the angels and I've seen the devil
                C                      G
fought with the lion, sent through the fire
                 G                  D
I've been in the valley when it was dry
                   C                   G
walked through the desert to the other side
          G                      D
I'm not a preacher and I'm not a hero
            C               G
My life has never been that kind
             G                     D
but there is one thing that I hold onto
     C                       G
I am yours, and Lord you are mine

                      C                   D
And through all these years you have been there
             G                     C
dried all my tears and answered my prayers
               Am                 D
I just want to feel your presence again
               G                  C
I'm down on my knees in need of a friend
      Am    C/B  C                 G
And I find  you  waiting there for me

            G                     D
I've seen a widow cry through her sorrow
                    C                        G
and still raise her hands in the midst of it all
             G                   D
And Lord I'm reminded what I was weary
    C                          G
You carried me, yes You carried me    (Chorus)

Em        G/F#         G
   In the midst of the stuggle
Em          G/F#        G
   There is one thing I know
Em              G/F#               (G)(A) 
 C   Am
   You'll never leave me, no you'll ne-ver let go__
               G                        D
I've heard the angels and I've seen the devil
                C                               G
Fought with the lion, sent straight through the fire

Lead Break: G   D   C   G   (Chorus)

      Am    C/B  C                 G
And I find  you  waiting there for me

(The notes in parenthesis on the bridge are not played as chords but are picked out like 
walk down but its a walk is the tab I play for it.)

   Em            G/F#                            C      Am
     You'll never leave me, no You'll ne-ver let go___

                     (All tab related to Capo)
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