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Decemberists - Grace Cathedral Hill tab

'Grace Cathedral Hill' from the 2003 album "Castaways and Cutouts"
written by Colin Meloy

Chords used
G  320033
Em 022000
C  032010
D  000232
D7 000212
Cm 035543



G                          Em
Grace Cathedral hill, all wrapped in the 
bones of a setting sun, all dust and stone 
and moribund. I paid twenty-five cents to 
          D7                 G      
light a little white candle for a New Year's 
Day. I sat and watched it burn away then 
turned and weaved through the slow decay. 
         D                          D7
We were both a little hungry so we went 
                  G                               Em
to get a hotdog.  Down the Hyde St. Pier, the light was slight and 
                     C                             D                         
dissapeared.  The air, it sunk of fish and beer. We heard 
a superman trumpet play the National Anthem. 

C                  G          Em   C
And the world may belong for you, but he'll 
        G       Em   C                 Cm           
never belong to you. But on a motorbike, when 
                    D                 D7
all the city lights blind your eyes tonight, are you 
         C          D                   G                  Em
feeling better now? .......Are you feeling be...ttttter..nooooww.
           C                 Cm
Are you feeling better now?

Some way to greet the year: your eyes all 
bright and brimmed with tears. The 
pilgrims, pills and tourist here all sing 
"Fifty three bucks to buy a brand new halo." 
I'm sweet on a green-eyed girl, all fiery 
Irish clip and curl, all brine and piss and 
vinegar. I paid twenty-five vents to light a little white candle. 

And the world maybe be long for you, but he'll 
never belong to you. But on a motorbike, when 
all the city lights blind your eyes, are you 
feeling better now? 

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