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Deep Purple - Place In Line chords

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Place In Line guitar chords
E D B             B D A B
1. I am Living,
         B E D  B                      f# f E D A B    D f# E D B
In this li  - - ine,    Know my Place.
                         B D A B
Could think of no way,
            B E D  B                      f# f E D A B    D f#
Of edging alo------ong, In a Losers Race.
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Ohhhh Line was moving,     Slowly,
Day By Night,
f#                       E             E     D      B
Everybodies shufflin' on to keep their place in the line,
f#    E  D   B      f# A E f f#
Place in the line.

2. Nine long years,
Been in line,         Getting' no where,
There is no reason,
For or or this line,  Yeh I don't care.

Chorus 2
Ohhh everybodies standing
In the burning sun
Everybodies shufflin on to keep their place in the line,
Place in the line.

Out take
(12 bar in B)
Don't you think we're gonna make it Now.
We gotta a place in line we gonna make some time somehow

  Instrumental guitar then keyboard

B x 4
E x 2
B x 2
| f#     | D   E  | B f#f E |D def#   |
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