Deer Tick - Smith Hill chords

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E                   A
Elbows on the window sill
E                             B
My head against the pane
C#m                            A
You've seen so many grow and die
E                                          B
But you forgot most of their names

So I fire that arrow into the great big sky
Bnd I hope that it never comes down
Unless you're coming with it
It's better with you around 

I could drink myself to death tonight
Or I could stand and give a toast
To those who made it out alive
It's you I'll miss the most

But tonight I'll see my sweetheart
I've got a fifty dollar bill
But somewhere in her weak heart
She knows I never will

      C#m        A          E
Oh love, it's hard to hide it
        C#m         A           E
True love, it's hard to find it
          C#m       A            E
Though I was once beside it
       C#m      A           E    
I've fallen far behind it

E                           A
from a tiny room up on Smith Hill
E                 B
It's easy to disappear
C#m                      A
It's easier to run off hiding
E                          B
Then say "I don't want you here"
E                        A
I can't stand to face the facts
E                        B
It'd only leave you hurt
C#m                             A
I don't care much for what you have to say
E                                B
But I'd like to know what you heard

Oh love, it's hard to hide it
True love, it's hard to fid it
Though I once was beside it
I've fallen far behind it

A                     E    E7
It's a long way free
A                           E
You can't tread on me
               B                      A                   
Bnd in the morning when you're crying
You'll see

E       A       E       B     C#m    A     E  B
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