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Deerhunter - Circulation chords

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 Fm Eb Fm Eb
 Fm Eb Bb G#

 Fm       Eb      Fm       Eb
Bad Circulation, become impatient.
 Fm             Eb
Too long we’ve waited,
Bb              G#
   for wind or rain?

  Fm           Eb
Shame on your daughters,
Fm            Eb
oh, how they fooled us.
Fm            Eb     Bb           G#
Oh, how they lured us into their traps, oh..
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 Fm            Eb
Cold caves in winter,
Fm                 Eb
ice wings would splinter.
Fm         Eb
Ashes and cinder,
 Bb          G#
collect and fall.

 Fm            Eb
Done with the highlight,
 Fm           Eb
Midwives and low lifes.
 Fm              Ebm
Hands reach for my light,
  Bb          G#
when it gets dark. 

F Gm F Gm Bb G# Bb G# (...)

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