Defeater - Headstone chords

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Band: Defeater
Song: Headstone
Album: Empty Days & Sleepless Nights (2011)

Tuning: D (Full Step Down)

Intro: Em

G        C
Hello my dear
     Am         G             C - Am
It's so nice to see you here 
G               C
How long has it been?
      Am         G
Oh it feels like years
But I'm sure it's just been days

Am - G

G            C       Am    G
Been walking around alone
G                 C      Am   
Drunk and missing you at home
G                            C    Am
You know I'll never feel the same
G                      C       Am
Or ask another girl to take my name


G                        C      Am
Think I've been stopping by too much
G                             C   Am
Don't want you to get sick of me
G                       C      Am
On my way home from the Copper Coin
G              C             Am
It's this or I jump into the sea

And I will never forgive myself 
for not being there to protect you
I should have been at home 
instead of out trying to forget you
Just one fight and I'm out the door
What kind of man am I?
I swore I'd never leave your side


G        C   
Hello my dear
     Am         G            C - Am
It's so hard to see you here
G               C
How long has it been 
         Am             G
since we put you in the ground?
G                     C              Am
Oh it feels like days, but it's been years
G                             C
Oh, and please don't call me baby, 
          Am          G
it's just too hard to hear
            C    Am
Too hard to hear
G                         C
Leave you flowers at your headstone
     Am              G
Just sit and talk to you my dear
    C   Am
My dear 

Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day.
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