Defiance Ohio - You Are Loved chords

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I couldn't figure out where the D in the verse is played but I just play it as a 
bar chord and it works, whatever.

G                             D                    C  
And as the story unfolds over time, things we once knew they do  dissolve 
         G                          D                   Em
into the sky. She swears she sees a brand new constellation every time 
A        C       D              C           G               D
somebody we know dies, it is no consolation prize but we will remember you. 
      G                 D                  C                              
So to get good sleep at night, silence the oracles, they are singing from 
  G                   D                 Em              A                    
inside. Nobody really wants to know the future, we just want to hear “you'll
C    D                     G            C                       Cm
be alright” and we’ll be alright. These days they will find us learning that 
               G               C                         Cm
we had it all wrong; but these days they will find us unashamed because we've 
                      G          D               C          
been learning all along, and the radio plays a familiar song.

            G             D                C                                    
And to this magic we hold on, I just don’t want to feel its loss until it’s 
G                        D              Em               A           D      
gone. It was in an eerie glow I finally left you lonely, left the TV on. If I 
     C                                  Cm                             G
have one regret it’s letting this whole nihilistic shit charade live on! You  
        C                                 Cm
know it scares the hell out of me when my friends think they have nobody to 
     G            D               C
lean on! …And the radio plays a familiar song.

           G              D               C                          G
And in the darkness of my room I keep conversing with the man in the moon. I 
                           D                Em             A      
know he’s going to tell me something that I want to hear I bet it’ll happen 
D     G                                       D                    
soon because all the books I've read just don’t read right, say to save 
     C                                G                           D
your soul you’ve got to hide yourself inside, or forget about the world that 
    Em                   A               C      D            C
you perceive, no, we are here for such a little while. These days they will 
        Cm                               G           C       
find us learning that we had it all wrong, but these days they will find us 
Cm                                             G         D
unashamed because we’ve been learning all along, and the radio plays a 
familiar song and

         G                           D                   Am               C
 you are loved you are loved you are really loved.                      x4

End on G.
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