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Degrassi - Rescue You chords

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hiya i this song is the rescue you song that Craig sings from Degrassi goes 
Hollywood and yea its my first one so if it needs some touches tell me!

Bm                        A    G  
   i was switched off like a light

Em                         Bm
   a fighter with no fight

        A    G
   staring up at the stars

Em                    Bm
   id given into the dark
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            G        Bm               A
   somehow you saw someone worth saving,
         G           Bm          A 
   you pulled me back into the light,

       G          Bm          A
   now if ever i can rescue you,

      G           Bm           A
   when you need two arms to fall into,

       G           Bm         A
   you know exactly where i'll be,

     G     Bm   A
   just look for me,

     Bm  A    G

   i will rescue you

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